2019 chapter 30

I don't know where to start. This week contained so much. I guess I'll start by airing out some dirty laundry:

Yesterday was a monumental adulting day: I returned library books a day late, registered my car that was due last month, realized our home insurance was cancelled (fixed it), finally finished signing Wade up for kindergarten, and I pooped my pants.

Okay, now that we all have a honest view of my life, I feel like I can move forward. And, no, I don't care to elaborate.

Wade's obsession with the Alexa continues to grow. He discovered his favorite song is "Sunflower" by Post Malone (he doesn't get that all songs aren't by Alexa) and we listen to it multiple times a day. And he constantly sets random alarms and timers, so it's always going off. He also loves that he can ask her the temperature and the time (will this be an generation that can't even read digital clocks?!). At the park I overheard him and his friend talking about their Alexa's and the things that they can do and the songs that they play. That night Wade told me that when Grant comes over he wants her to play "Sunflower" for him, and then he went into, "why does she say 'You're a sunflower?' That's silly, why doens't she say 'You're not a sunflower?' cause you're not."

We're back at our kids earning money for chores - but it's more structured and it's working! We recount what they earned for the day during our bedtime routine, cause needing to get them coins during the day required a lot of not-laziness from me and, therefore, failed quickly. They all need to do "good humans" things during the day to earn one quarter - make their beds, put shoes in the shoe basket when we get home, put dishes in the sink, don't throw tantrums in the store (FYI: that last one lost everyone their "good humans" quarter today) - this base conduct list will grow as they grow. And then they can do extra jobs to earn more quarters - the end goal is that they'll see needs around the house and contribute to the household - they've cleaned the playroom, the couch, the basketball court, helped dust my plants, helped with laundry. The goal this week is to earn enough to go out to ice cream. I'm really excited about it! One of the best parts is we tell them that if they get out of bed then we'll take away a quarter, and we've had zero bedtime escape artists. Oh, and I'm terrible at playing with my kids, but turns out we have a lot of fun working together.

What, all this and no pictures?! Okay, here are some pictures:

Helping Daddy play a phone game: 

All my kids have a social media hashtag. #wadethewild #theblakeelizabeth #jumpingjacquelines. Jac's is the most accurate. 

Wade informed me that he might be a little nervous for kindergarten,I told him that was okay, but also all the exciting stuff he'll get to do and learn. Told him about the crafts and learning about his numbers and letters and learning how to read! I said all this in the car and it just made Blake even madder that Wade gets to go and she doesn't, but Wade jumped in to comfort her and said, "Blake, it's okay, when I get home I'll be able to read stories to you!" 

This human could be an ad for salad dressing. The girl LOVES her salad. We've successfully gone through two big tubs of salad without any going bad and I feel like the adultiest adult. Even if we finished it with a lot of help from a three year old. 

Friday's heat index was 115. We enjoyed 4 hours at the beach and only left cause we ran out of food. Then we went home and everyone took 3 hour naps. It was the best day. 

Jac discovered these bikini's in her closet and it wasn't worth fighting her on it, and she loves it so much - after I washed it she slept with it all weekend...not in it, just cuddling her swimsuit. 

Kids used our toothpaste one night and thought it was so funny until Bryan told them they need to be careful with it cause if they swallow it it can make them sick - they were TERRIFIED! Everyone was spitting and freaking out in the bathroom. I wasn't there, but when I got home Wade had fallen asleep on the couch with a bowl next to him that he could spit into....cause he couldn't sleep cause he kept having to get up to spit. He's a bit paranoid. We have to be careful talking about dirt and germs with him - Sunday he dropped a fruit snack on his own leg and wouldn't eat it. One night I woke up to him washing his hands at 4 am cause his hands, "smelled a smell." And anytime Jac touches him he has to wash his hands...even if she touches in elbow. Blake touches apparently don't require hand washing.

Bryan bought himself a Traeger on Prime day and played with it all weekend. We had smoked chicken, salmon, and burgers. I am in full support of this toy. And the weather cooled off and we've been eating outside. This is the summer I've been waiting for!

 The school district offices have a kids play place - so smart! Our visit was about 5 minutes business for me to take care of, but we had to stay to play for a bit. Wade made this mirror timer clock.

Girls came up in their new winter church shoes and Wade came up in their shoes and everyone was laughing so hard they couldn't breath, cause this is funny stuff! Then they asked me to take a picture and send Aunt Elizabeth a video about it. 

We went to the lake again today. They caught fish in buckets with their friends. Blake passed out on the 5 minute car ride home. 

I showed the kids filters on my phone, now there's a lot of this: 

I only let them do it once a day and Jac is always the one to bring it up, it's a big deal for her. I especially find this depiction of her accurate: 

I was listening to a country song and Wade called it farmer music. 

We cut some scrub trees down and the branches have been drying and this week I started burning them. So satisfying. It burned big and hot! 

 We had a Relief Society meeting last week and I put together some flowers from my yard!

We did a service project where we made diaper inserts our of t-shirts (and dog toys with the scraps). And we learned how to make homemade laundry detergent and I just ordered stuff to make it!

And we played with an app that makes you look old and I'm going to be such a cool old hippie lady, apparently. 

And we finally hung my Christmas present lights outside! Christmas in July, we totally did that on purpose. It only took 11 tried to get 4 lights hung. And Bryan got shocked cause the light on the side of our house isn't on the same circuit as the lights on the front of the house, but that light was also broken so we didn't know. It was funny. Well, I thought it was funny. He couldn't feel some of his fingers for the rest of the day. Which...contributed to the funny. 

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