2019 chapter 31

I've been eating healthier, but that means that right now I want cookies and I have no cookies.

Friday was the perfect summer day. We got ICEE's and went to the beach and were there for hours! My friends brought their paddle boards and we went out and I took the kids out. We picked lily flowers, caught fish, built sand motes (no real castles). Perfect day.

And, four little girls in pink swimsuits and pink puddle jumpers.

Aimee and I with 4 of our 5 kids - I had her Grant, and she had my Jac cause she was too scared to go with me, but felt safe with Aimee ??

And Allie (in the blue and white striped suit) is the best big kid friend to my kids, she tugged them along on this kayak endlessly.

We went out on a mini-airplane today! Our chiropractor has a time-share (that's the only word I can think of) on a plane and he took us out. It's a four seater, so we went up in two groups. First Blake, Wade, and me. Then Jac, Bryan and Wade again. They did some "crazier" things in the second group and the kids did not appreciate it. I guess there was screaming. I got to fly for a few minutes - I turned us left, basically a pilot.

We went back to school shopping! I took just Wade - this is how Jac felt as we left:

Wade was/is so excited! He's been telling everyone what he got - 4 big glues, 3 boxes of crayons, and lot of glue sticks! 

But he has to save the best for last, and then tells everyone about his back pack and lunch box (it lights up!). And it's Paw Patrol. I tried to help him make a choice that I liked more...but, I couldn't deny him. 

We also bought some extra markers to bring back to Jac and Blake, and luckily, the box that our Traeger came in is still hanging around, because, art. And, Jac still can't resist drawing all over herself.

Kids continue to earn quarters by cleaning the house. They've been learning to wipe down surfaces. We did tables, counters, bathrooms, windows. They're....not great. 

They are, however, great at wiping down chairs and the couch. 

And they cashed out their hard earned money (they did a couple jobs only half way and I didn't give them money!) and got ICEE's! They got to go in and pick their flavors (cause rainbow is best) and give the cashier their quarters. 

Kids figured out that Alexa can play "Pup Pup Boogy" from Paw Patrol, it's on a lot now. They figured this out during quiet time when I was outside working, they came running out, unable to control their excitement. Blake got right in front of my and showed me how she danced by doing some squats and pointing around while she did it and then she stood up straight and told me "I do that!" It was the best 3 year old boogie I've ever seen. Jac gets very intense and I think she's doing dance moves that they do on Paw Patrol - how does she remember?! 

Wade came into my room and said, "Mommy, when I do this, my chin gets all bumpy, look." So, this is his bumpy chin face: 

Wade has been asking about how plants get food, so I was telling him about photosynthesis, and he drew this  picture - with arrows and everything! I ordered him a science book about botany, it got here today, I'm excited for him to have accurate, but simple, pictures to look at. 

Blake's mosquito bite: 

Oh, sheesh, I almost forgot. Yesterday I was working on the fire pit and Wade starts talking to me about how they covered the hole of the bugs and how cool it was and they were going everywhere. I thought it was ants. Then Jac started screaming and when she finally got to me and showed me where it hurt I could clearly see she got stung! Wade had covered a wasps nest! Jac recovered quickly, but then no one could play at the sand pit for a while, so they all had to be right there "helping" my with the fire pit. Wade built an alter in the middle of the fire ring that he sacrificed grubs he found. He didn't sacrifice worms, cause they're good, he kept relocating them, but then I'd hear him tell his sisters that he accidentally smashed some or tore them apart in transport. And they all had to be right where I was, not even on the other side of the pit, right where I needed to put stones! And they kept stealing my shovel. But, at the end of the day Wade said building the fire pit was his favorite part, so, there's that.

We tried pizza on the Traeger - it was soooo good, but getting it on was, tricky.

 I put the playroom back together after my friend came to help me paint these arches. I LOVE IT!!

It stayed clean for about 10 minutes, cause my kids were outside. But, they did clean it back up, which was impressive! 

Jac's hair was something else yesterday: 

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