2019 chapter 32

We got our community programs catalog in the mail today. I just spent an hour pouring over it and dreaming. Gymnastics for everyone, pre-K STEM class for the girls, golf lessons? Oh, and in 1st grade Wade can take piano lessons. And some PiYo for me - I only kind of know what that is. And cake decorating, truffle/candy making, and a one time "get up" dance class that I'm definitely dragging as many people to as possible.

My catalog shopping ended with Blake coming down (two hours after I put her to bed) asking me, all mature and adult-like, why it was dark outside. When my kids bring something up to me with this "hmmm, let's discuss this" air about them, I just die and get completely reeled in. So she told me that the sun must've gotten tired and went to sleep. And then she went on to say that her legs could only go slowly upstairs, cause they really wanted to walk to me (yes, still have gravitational pull = center of her universe), and would I "cudwle" her? So I had to snatch her up and carry her upstairs where she lasted for all of one minute of cuddling before she fell asleep.

Wade's been really into drawing this week and his pictures have taken off! I bought him a kids botany book so he could learn about photosynthesis (cause he's been really into it). And we got a bug book at the library that has had to go with us EVERYWHERE cause he can't put it down. And we watched a new StoryBots about planets. All of these have turned into pictures. And then there's one about people getting struck by lightning, and I'm not sure where that one came from, but I'm going to act like it doesn't mean my kid will grow up to be a sociopath.

Blake cute her dress. It was an accident. It was also her favorite dress. When she realized (meaning when I realized and I pointed it out) she informed me that this dress was getting too small anyway and she needed to give it away. At least it wasn't Jac this time.

This morning Blake was eating breakfast and realized she was cold, so she ran upstairs to get shirt on and I heard her whining "today is not a good day," so I went up there and she was wiggling on the floor just bemoaning her difficult life of not being able to pick a shirt. And this mess was not her fault. I apparently only have the ability to get clothes into the correct closets, not put away.  

Our local library was being remodeled and it just reopened! We've been waiting weeks for it and it did not disappoint. Even if we did get a book about rainbows that Wade informed me had "dumb pictures that just aren't good." I don't have a lot of experiences with other libraries when it comes to kids, cause turns out I didn't pay attention to kids sections before I had kids, but the ones in MN are really fun. 

Jac spent serious time today trying to talk me into letting her take peaches to the basement - her main argument was "it would be fun!" Girl needs to work on her negotiating...although, she almost had me. 

We did so much yard work on Friday (Bryan took the day off). Mulching and sod and weeds. Felt so good. Until we stopped. I can keep going, but once I stop, I realize my body is still dumb and not healed and it tightens up - so fun. Also, we found a mouse. He got put in a very large box (cause everything else had been made into "stuff" by the kids) and brought the mouse to a nearby field. 

And now whenever we pass the field, everyone has to talk about it. 

We had a bonfire and Blake helped me snap branches. 

I ended up so dirty. And bark dust (mulch...Bryan kept informing me that in the midwest, it's mulch) was poking me everywhere. I had to shower just to go do the bonfire, which I obviously needed to shower after that. 

 All my gladiolas were falling over and looking dumb, so I cut them and I love them so much more right here!

I just ate peanut butter cookies and opened the fridge to see we're out of milk. I guess Blake was right, "it's not a good day."

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