2019 chapter 37

Pictures won't load. Don't know if the problem is my computer or my phone, but I'm bugged with them both and I need them both to write this. C'mon technology, you're supposed to just work.

Wade had his first soccer game and had so much fun. He's since liked his soccer practice more too - a coupling of getting used to school so he's not so tired and remembering the fun stuff. Girls also played soccer for the first time ever! They've been waiting for this day - both did waaay better than Wade's first round, but Jac shined! She ran the whole time and I've never seen her so happy.

I was getting into the shower and Blake brought me a string cheese to open and says, "don't touch it with your bum!" Okay baby, I won't open your string cheese with my bum.

Wade got a tooth pulled today. He went in to get a cavity filled and turned out it was abscessed and had to come out. The dentist asked if I wanted her to try taking it out or if I wanted to do an option where he was sedated, I told her to try. I was in the waiting room and heard him cry when he got the shot, but then he did awesome and came out beaming and proud and soooo excited for the toothfairy to come tonight (he kept running through scenarios with me and asking me questions: can she get in my room with my door and window shut? Is she strong enough to open my tooth case? What color is she? How does she fly?).

Random stuff Wade tells me after school:

"Mom! I made a new friend today! Um...I forgot her name."

"There was a sucker on the floor of the bus today - not under my seat, under the seats on the other side. The bus driver said 'How did that get there?' and we picked it up with a napkin. I didn't another kid did, cause it was under his seat. That's so silly. How did it get there?"

"If you throw a little acorn into a big lake, do you think that would be a big lake for that little acorn?"

Bryan was asking Wade math questions and he's discovered the trick is to use donuts. One day he's asking Wade if he had 6 donuts and he eats 3, how many donuts would you have. A few more questions like this and Blake whines from the back seat, "Okay, let's stop talking donuts!"

Jac, "I haves a squito bump on my fortnite and it itching!"

During family scripture study one night we were talking about what each of us is good at, Blake said she's good at earths and dancing. She amended her statement to say that she's good at drawing earths and Jesus.

I don't remember the context, but I wrote this down: "Mom, I don't want real wings. I don't want to fly for real." Blake said this as she patted my leg.

Sold the pool table! The guy who bought it arranged movers and it was so interesting to see it taken apart - the sides, pockets, bumpers, and legs all came off and the table part came apart in three sections. So fascinating, and at the end, my basement was empty! I immediately filled it with two free chairs I found on the side of the road. 

I shot a wedding Saturday and it was lovely. My new camera is so heavy that by the end of the day my arm hurt so bad. And I was so wrecked the next day - it was at a natural environmental center and my allergies were out of control and the next day I could hardly open my eyes and all of me itched. But it was so fun. The best part of the photographer is that I'm a VIP and get to be behind the scenes, any time I get to be a VIP, it's wonderful. And I cry at every wedding I shoot.

On week three of working out every day and feeling really proud of myself AAANND feeling better than I have in a year. Yesterday I went running. Three times a week a group of my friends have been getting together to work out and Monday one of them took my girls home with her after - how amazing is that?! I did get a text that Jac didn't make it to the toilet, but still a win of a day.

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