2019 chapter 38

Bryan kept trying to get the girls to take a lunchtime snooze, but every time they calmed down he would tickle them. He made his bed and he didn't get to sleep in it. 

Dinner was taking longer to cook tonight and I pulled out a head of cauliflower and broccoli to eat while we waited - you'd think I handed them candy bars to snack on. Blake carried them around and gave them kisses, Jac kept saying, "mmmmm! this is so yummy!" We've been eating a lot of zucchini and carrots, but apparently the white and green mini trees are where it's out. 

"Mom, you don't make 5's really good. You're supposed to do a line and then half a circle and then you put on the hat. You don't do that." 

Last week I had to drive over an hour to get a second battery for my camera before I shot a wedding (first time I needed two batteries since getting my new camera and found out my other batteries didn't fit and I didn't have enough time for amazon) and the kids had to go with me. They were really understanding...well, really, they were pretty antsy, so we stopped for pops. And I loved this shot of Jac's "matchy" pink outfit, Wade with only one shoe, and Blake completely shoeless. Feels like it summed up our summer. 

Story about the wedding pictures. The hardest part of being a photographer for me is loading the pictures onto the computer - not taking the pictures, not editing, just loading them up. It gives me anxiety. Anyway, I finally got to loading up the pictures from the wedding and they wouldn't load! My stomach immediately tied itself into a knot. I could see the pictures, so I knew they weren't lost, but they wouldn't load! Found this out right before the girls had their early childhood screening and right after I had to go to a ribbon cutting for the new building for the endodontist - so I couldn't work on the issue, I just had to stress (and stress poop) for the next 4 hours! I said several prayers and was able to get calm (my mind, my stomach stayed freaked out the whole time), when I got home I tried a couple things and was able to load everything. Biggest phew! 

Last night we had taco's and Bryan started saying "Taco Tuuuuuuesday, " holding it out obnoxiously. It turned into a contest to see who could hold it the longest, I won. And that is how random traditions are made. Kids thought it was awesome. 

Some soccer pictures from the week (none of our people actually playing soccer, just the sideliners). The girls stole daddy's seat. We ended up sharing. The girls are pretty good during Wade's soccer game. Wade is exceptionally annoying while the girls play soccer. 

During Wade's game Jac kept yelling, "Wade, get in front!" Just like Daddy yells. He did kick a goal that day! During the girls game he said, "Why are there so many swans here?" I replied, "I think you mean wasps." "Oh, yeah. We have swans at our house too." "Wasps." "Where do swasps live?" Kid has so many questions! 

Then after soccer ice cream! It's the most important part.

On the was to church this week Jac said, "Mom, I like to wear my swimsuit under my dress!" "Are you wearing your swimsuit under your dress right now?" "YES!" she exclaimed, so proud. 

Wade's tooth he got out last week: 

"Mom, do you know what was a good idea? At lunch today when I was done with my sandwich I took the bag it was in and I put all my other trash into it and it was like a little trash bag I gave to the lunch trash lady. Wasn't that a good idea?" My organizing, logical heart was so proud. That was a good idea, buddy. 

Jac ran in to tell me that she found a dead bug and then proceeded to lay flat on the ground to demonstrate what the dead bug looked like - just flat on the ground. 

Jac has decided that pink on pink on pink is a good idea. 

And then there was the day Blake kept pulling her skirt down to sit? 

And truly loved Blake's outfit here. Rainbow knee-high socks, rain boots, shorts, rain coat. 

We were driving and some driver did something dumb and then the kids and I were talking about it and Blake said, "I don't think Jesus will make him alive." And then we got to talk about how everyone will be resurrected. Ha, ha! 

Found a dog wondering a busy street this week. I stopped to grab it. Luckily there was a phone number on the collar - the owner didn't pick up, so I took it home (I never did figure out gender).  The girls were so excited!! Stella was not. Look at her fierce face. The owner called me back and after a kind of weird conversation where she seemed slightly annoyed that I lived about a mile away, she came to get her dog. She gets to my house, doesn't pull into the driveway - doesn't even pull to the side of the road, just stops on the middle, doesn't get out and just opens the sliding door of her mini-van with a button. I go to let the dog off the leash and realize I'm apparently carrying it to the lady's car and she tell me to just let it go, it'll get in the car - only it doesn't! It takes off running after a dog that was being walked down the street. Lady still doesn't get out of her car and I take off after her dog! You cannot make this stuff up! Hand the lady her dog, she says the feeblest thank you and starts talking to her dog and drives away. Soooo weird. And then Sunday night I found a flea on Stella and I am blaming it on that dog. 

We're having an early fall heat wave (my belief is that it's the last heat of summer and the wind is blowing in fall) and we went to a splash pad today. Wade came over to me all disgruntled because he was looking for pine cones, but couldn't find any. I told him the parks crew probably cleaned them all up and he said, "Why would they do that? Now there are no pine cones and I was going to throw a scavenger hunt for all the kids and sisters and I was going to use pine cones, but now I can't." Paused for a few seconds, then shared this hypothesis that he was more okay with, "Maybe a kids kept wanting to take them home for his pine cone collection or to make pine cone statue art, and his mom kept saying yes, so now all the pine cones are gone!" Apparently thinking of all the pine cones happy with a kids being used for statues was a happy ending that Wade was okay with. And apparently he thinks pine cone collections are normal. Oh, and then he sat next to me all contented with the pine cone situation and farted so loud and laughed and ran off. 

Did a project with a friend and put planking up in her bathroom. It was so fun. Power tools. Friends. My kids played with her kids. It was kind of my perfect afternoon. If a plant would have been involved, it would have truly been perfect. We've decided that we're just going to do projects in one another's houses all winter. Our husbands are thrilled (said both sarcastically and also not...cause I know how much they love walking into a torn up house, but also, they don't have to help in the shenanigans).

Bryan had a bake-off at his work. I don't care for baking, unless I can win. We made a crepe cake. It had to be a dessert, but the voting is at 9am, so we figured something kind of breakfast-ish would be a good bet. And it had some real wow factor. And we lost. WE LOST!! A lazy-dessert apple crisp won! Still in shock. The next round was going to be cinnamon rolls with bacon crumbles - their loss. 

I've been cleaning the garage and all the closets and cupboards of my house and getting rid of stuff. I'm feeling like winter is coming soon and whatever is in the house then stays in the house until spring! Plus we're (I'm) trying to figure out the flow of traffic with school and soccer, currently it's "explode in the entryway," which isn't really working for me. But I've taken two carloads to goodwill (as in, kids-couldn't-be-in-the-car type carloads) and a load of cardboard and chemicals to the recycling center. Why does getting rid of stuff feel so good? But then I also bought myself a new blanket for my bed and left it in the car so I wouldn't have to explain myself to Bryan, but then Bryan took my car, so pretty sure I'll be getting some grief - not for buying the blanket, but for the backfired attempt to be sneaky. 

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