2019 chapter 39

I've fallen down a very weird hole of DIY barbie furniture. It's my new dream. Husband's says no. What does he know? I told him I'll make my empire and then he can quit his job. I've at least got big plans for making my girls some awesome stuff. I mean, it'll likely be crap, but I'm excited. Instead of making Halloween costumes this year (girls want to be princenesses (how they say it) and Wade wants to be a trash can (stay weird buddy!)), I'll be putting all my efforts into doll furniture.

We went to a book fair/ice cream social at Wade's school. While eating our ice cream a kid ran by and Wade said over his shoulder, "NO RUNNING!" Bryan and I looked at each other as we realized we have that kid: the rule following nark.

Blake and Jacqueline keep calling Wade "our boy." Anytime we're out and someone talks to them they're sure to tell them that they also have a boy. They actually call everyone's older siblings that are at school "their boy" or "their girl." The girls had their first dentist appointment and did great! As the assistant took Jac back I heard her ask how old she was and Jac said, "I dunno. My Wade is 5."

After their dentist appointment I laid down with the girls for a nap and Blake looked me in the eye and informed me that she held  in her fart at the dentist because she "didn't want them to laugh at her." So she waited to fart at our house.

Wade got a girls number today. Her name is Abigail. He made me write down my number so he could copy it to give back to her tomorrow.

Wade figured out how to do the monkey bars and is so proud! He tells me everyday how many kindergartners can do it - he was the 3rd to figure it out, they're up to 7 monkey's now.

It's gotten the girls really into all the tall hanging things, which means that I get to carry them around and help them the whole time at the playground. Exactly why I go to the playground. And this was our last beach day! Almost 90 degrees!

I asked the girls if they wanted to go to TJMaxx with me and they joyfully said yes, then from the backseat I heard Jac asking Blake what it was and Blake told her, "You know, they're here to save the day!" (She was talking about PJ Masks, a TV show).

Got this tape. Look how thick it is. Wade was so impressed. He asked that I take a picture of how much tape is there!

Went to a trampoline park for Wade's best friend's birthday party. Kids had so fun. Bryan and I didn't pay, but really wanted to join in too. Blake really wanted to do the climbing wall, I think she was too short, but they didn't have a measuring spot, so we let her go. She also didn't weigh enough, so when she let go of the wall she would sink to the grown very, very slowly. At one point she got mad and tried to sit on the ground, but her butt just hovered over the ground.

Really wanted to try the tightrope. 

Cleaned out my car today. So many folding and moving seats. Confession: this is my first time vacuuming my whole car. When we got it it was clean, and then it was winter (too cold), and then it was summer (beach sand) - apparently fall is the only acceptable time to vacuum my car. There is an apple sauce lid that is stuck from all angles. It's staying. Found that the girls took some very artsy pictures while they "helped" me.

I got my fall decor out (discovered I have mice and had to muster all my courage to get my decor boxes out) and realized I don't have fall decor - I have Halloween and Thanksgiving, so I decorated for Halloween a week early and now I have to tell my kids every day that it's not actually Halloween yet.

My friend had a birthday! And we partied by being complete weirdos. We did a "fear factor/spa night." It included eating pudding with pantyhose on our heads, eating ghost pepper jerky, trying dried crickets and worms, and doing make up on one another blindfolded. It was such a good night. I mean, anything that produces these pictures was obviously amazing.

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