2019 chapter 40

Bryan's mom came into town last week and took our kids down to the farm in Iowa overnight! I threw my back out the day before, so I got to spend my kid-free time laying in bed icing while Bryan golfed. Not my ideal, but also being able to lie there without trying to parent was fantastic. Then we went out to dinner and it was lovely. And the kids had sooo much fun. They love being with Nana and working/playing at the farm.

Bought a "How to draw people" book for little kids and I'm in love with clown:

Wade was the "letter leader" this week for the letter P and recited "peas porridge hot." He learned it so fast and was reciting it to everyone.

We went to the fabric store and the girls kept sticking things in their shirts and acting like they weren't doing anything and it was just "part of them." Blake kept saying what I thought was that it was her booty, but then I realized she kept telling me that they were just her boobies. Oh gracious.

Jac and Blake got into bathroom stuff last night after bedtime. I walked in the door and immediately smelled Eucalyptus oil. This morning I discovered toothpaste in Jac's hair. Two different kids. 

Blake needed me to take a picture of her like this. Looks like a little superhero. 

Jac: "I don't know why Wade and Blake don't like dressing. Salad dressing make you feel good."

Whenever Jac talks about Halloween she says "Halloween party" and it drives Blake bonkers! Blake's always telling Jac, "It not Halloween party, it just Halloween." And the fact that it's a month away is still not being grasped.

I went looking at some picture locations and I went to the county fair grounds (so awesome! Taking our family pictures there too). The parking lot is just a big field, we were the only ones there and I drove over the grass. Blew everyone's minds. They haven't stopped talking about it.

We have a family of foxes that live nearby and the girls kept telling me that they saw them! I wasn't too worried, foxes are pretty wary, mostly I was jealous. One day we were driving and a squirrel ran across the road and the girls joyfully exclaimed, "A fox! A fox!" And suddenly their frequent fox sightings made more sense.

Wade's been really into practicing basketball and throwing the ball so he can be better in gym class (his first real interest in sports, Bryan's so happy. We put a chair under the hoop so he can actually get it in, and he's been practicing daily). He keeps telling me how the girls keep winning, but it's cause they give all the good balls to the girls - glad he's already a sports conspiracy theorist.

During dinner Wade asked what day it was and then asked if we could say, "Wednesday sooooouuup!" and see who could win. They don't get that "Taco Tuesday" is a thing, they're into all of it.

Bryan's been having the kids run around outside for skittles so they can work on their endurance and hopefully get faster and less frustrated with physical stuff, it's kinda working.

I put together a craft night for anyone in the ward/surrounding wards/friends and it turned out great! We made cord rainbows. I left so inspired after seeing all the amazing ones everyone made. I did a sample and learned lot of mistakes to avoid and passed that info onto everyone else - that's why their all turned out so much better. Ha. I'm going to be doing a group project each month and people are on board.

I currently get to mock Bryan for: He's been getting a blister from playing his video game and has gone through all our band-aids. He doesn't normally play that much, but I've fallen into a new hobby:

I'm making over a doll house. It all started with Blake playing with a little doll house at my friends house and I said I needed to get her one, but it didn't come with very good furniture - none of them do! And they're starting to like Barbie's. Anyway, I started exploring the rabbit hole, then I tripped and fell and can't see the sun, and I am so enjoying myself. Got a dollhouse:

Working on painting it, picked out "wallpaper," ordered flooring, made hexagon shelves, making rugs, made a mantle and started a table. Made a miniature rainbow hanging (it matches the one I made for the girls). See, the hole is deep.

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