2019 chapter 46

Last night I fell asleep studying (about the urinary system and I had weird dreams about it), woke up around 10 pm and then was up until 4 am, overall, I wouldn't recommend. But I did catch up on all my editing and I have nothing, NOTHING, to edit for clients right now. First time in months. I also woke up with the beginnings of a cold, and I'm sure complete lack of sleep isn't helping matters. We did get a heated blanket for the end of our bed that we turn on for a few minutes (hurray for early black Friday deals), so at least I could turn it on and get in a warm bed.

Girls started preschool! The high school students change in the middle and the only report I had of their first day was that Blake's second teachers were boys! She said she was scared of them, I asked if they were nice to her and she said yes and she's been fine every since.

Put these pictures next to each other. I have so few pictures of me, I've decided to make my girls pose like me so I can see the resemblance. Minnesota winters are long, gotta have projects.

Wade started gleefully exclaiming about being the "line leader" at stoplights when we were first in line.

"Mom! You have a fox in your house!" (Jac dancing in the background).

Jac finally figured out how to talk to Alexa, we've been listening to Bye, Bye, Bye a lot.

Bryan convinced the kids that he could touch the moon. Convinced is the wrong word, they were very skeptical. The next morning we were in the car and Jac said, "Daddy can't touch the sun, it too quente" (hot in portuguese). She was at least certain about that.

I had all the silverware out of the drawer during the mouse fiasco. One morning I came down and Wade told me he couldn't find a knife so he used his finger to make himself a peanut butter and jelly. There wasn't a trace of mess anywhere.

"Mom, what's this bird again?"
"A flamingo."
"And this one?"
"A swan."
She's been coming down in the best outfits. Jac sticks with being a princess. She does occasionally have to change princess dresses depending on what song is playing.

The girls were talking about their favorites and Jac at one point said Stella, to what Blake replied, "Hey, but she doesn't have legs or hands."

"Mom, do I look beautiful?" (Supposed to be cleaning).

"Why you not wearing your snowman pants?" Jac's comment about me not wearing my snow pants.

Riding in the car, Blake's looking out the window and randomly says, "When I grow up where my closet going to be?"

Overheard the girls playing, Blake says to Jac, "I thought you was a rock, but you weren't."

Bryan was indoctrinating our children about how they all need to practice golf so they can make lots of money. Then we started talking about what they're going to do with all their money. Wade's going to buy bouncy balls. Jac's getting whip cream, ice cream, pie, and going to space. Blake's going on vacation to Greece (I mentioned Greece a while ago and she hasn't stopped talking about it).

I have an outdoor light up reindeer in my dining room. Had to make sure it worked (got it at a salvage place) and put it together during my sleepless night. Left it up cause I knew my kids would like it, and that's how I came to have a glowing reindeer up in November. Bryan issued a "holiday decor challenge." He's decorating the front yard and I've got the front room/entry. The reindeer is for him.

Monday my friend texted me and reminded me that it was 50% off thrift stores! My day plans suddenly changed and I went to the thrift store right after I dropped the girls off at preschool. With drive time, I had just over an hour to shop. I got there, got out, shut the door, realized my keys were inside. Called Bryan, he agreed to pick up the girls form preschool, get the spare key, come get me. That all lead to me have just over two hours to shop. No complaints here! Except there were two chairs that were super cool that I wanted, but I just couldn't be waiting for Bryan on the curb with a couple of chairs. I just couldn't. The girls thought my finds should be for them.

Finished painting the rug for the girls room! It turned out AMAZING!!!!! Their room is so cute right now. 

Tonight I helped with the activity day girls again. We made an apple pie. I made one for them earlier so they could eat pie tonight, and then they made one that I took home. I did the lattice work and they did the roses - they had such a good time. And this is my first attempt at fancy crusts, I might be addicted. 

Not a single picture of Wade! When he's at school all day he just doesn't get as much camera time. He comes right home and gets to creating - he's been into making 3D shapes, a treasure chest for a pirate treasure hunt, and today he was making musical instruments all afternoon.

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