2019 chapter 47

I've been playing with capturing different images and different editing style. Here's Blake waiting for Wade's bus (two hours before he'll get home).

Watched my friends kids this week and my girls were in heaven to have a playmate. More playing with my camera and capturing some "air" images!

Bryan was driving home this week and his water pump went out - you could see his entire trail home. So we've been down to one car and he's been busy every night working on it with his brother (his brother has a lift in his garage and now Bryan thinks he needs one). We're both running a little on empty, but I still managed to start an outrageous project and the kids have had a hay-day making stuff, especially since they found some glue and I refreshed our store of tape. Wade made a robot:

The parts for Bryan's car came in a nice big box which he took with him to his brother's. As we dropped him and his box off, Wade made me text to ask if he could please bring that nice big building box home. Bryan's still getting nice organized parts out of it, but Wade is sure to ask him about it every time he walks in the door.

Wade made an instrument in school out of beans and a taped together egg - he had to recreate it at home for each of his sisters. I got him out some beans, and apparently that gave the green light on beans as craft supplies. Blake is the fondest of them and she calls them her treasure (pirate is alter ego - "Y'Tarr!) and I keep finding beans glued to paper and cut up. Everywhere.

Girls have been watching Frozen (Frozen II comes out tomorrow! We have plans to see it next Tuesday; $5 that day) and yesterday Blake leaned forward at that part where Elsa flies off the handle and says, "it all Elsa fault." 

Blake talking to Jac, "You've got ear boogers in your nose." Me, "Those are just regular boogers."

We did a little bonfire with garage stuff (we cleaned out the garage...again. We've officially gone through everything, and for the first time ever all the crap in there is our crap!) and I told Wade that he could get any of his crafts he wanted to burn. He ran upstairs and said he was going to get all his slaves....he came down with all the Santa sleighs he's been making. During the whole bonfire process Jac kept asking "Why we not having mushrooms?" Marsh mellows, she meant marshmallows.

Waiting to go into preschool and Jac took off her jacket to put on lip gloss, just to put her jacket back on to go inside. Lip gloss is important stuff.

I saw this thing called the picnic table challenge. Basically you intertwine and balance on one person's legs and lay flat. I made Bryan try it with me and we laughed so hard, and finally did it. Afterwards all the kids needed to try too - Bryan did it with each of them and told them they were awesome cause they did it on the first try, and it took Mommy and Daddy lots of tries. Haha.

I've heard so many mothers talk about how they buy their kids new clothes and they immediately grow out of them, well, Wade's pretty much out of all the school clothes I got him at the beginning of the year. We got to church and I could not stop laughing at his short pants.

And cause I snuck a church picture of Wade, Blake wanted one too.

I take my nursing entrance exam on Saturday. I continue to be less than impressive on the science stuff - I realized it's because it's basically a anatomy and physiology final. It's been a decade since I took those courses. Hoping the reading and math sections save me, cause I've been rocking those. But I'm feeling ready.

I have a home wish list that I have been wishing on, but recently I've been jumping in and doing. I painted my fireplace this weekend and I love it! It looks like it should be from a magazine. And I keep finding cheap post-Halloween faux pumpkins and my collection is growing.

And then I went to Costco and they got their live garland in and I've been wanting live garland, so I snagged it. But, before I could put up something so beautiful I needed to make my banisters worthy....so I'm painting it. I told Bryan this train of thought and he said, "well, yeah, you've got to!" I was about 30 minutes into painting before I realized he was mocking me. I told him that and he said he wasn't, any other circumstance and it would be mocking - but any efforts into Christmas he genuinely appreciates. I'm about 7 hours into this project and feeling equal parts regret and excitement. I've wanted to since we moved in, had to start some time.

I did have to decide that I wanted it two toned with wood on top, so I've had to edge in every single baluster. Listening to podcasts and conference talks.

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