2019 chapter 48

We got so much snow last night (and more to come)! Wade was outside for hours today and made 5 snowmen all by himself. They're looking straight up and it's my absolute favorite. Wade says that they're looking at the sky. Having school off + snow was really the best holiday. 

Kids are getting ready for bed. Blake's crying cause she can't find her pajamas. I go help her. Now she's crying cause every time she cries she gets boogers in her nose. 

We're full-fledged "Thanksmas" over here. Half our Christmas stuff is up, but still have Thanksgiving decor out too. The kids helped me decorate their rooms: 

We've already had a few tree casualties and they've been given instructions that decorations stay put or they get put away. We also put up a tree in the playroom/loft and got out some kid nativities that I've collected. We've also lost several pieces of kid nativities already. Kids are so fun. 

I was holding strong on getting out Christmas, but then I took some pictures for a friend who does Santa visits, and I needed a Christmas corner (the girls loved being props for the photos). 

And this Christmas corner has spread. But look how cool it looks! It already looks less cool because the stocking were hung by the fireplace with care...but too close, so they were getting really hot, but now my little command hooks keep falling off. 

And then I decided I wanted to try flocking our tree this year (stupid idea), so that tree is up and mostly decorated. It's a sneaky, sneaky process. But our house isn't too festive because I'm still painting the banister, so there's a really nice dose of reality right when you walk in. With the big snow fall and the construction zone, it made the entry a really busy place today. 

Bryan painted the girls nails. When I got the stuff out he asked "so where are the brushes." He definitely doesn't have sisters. Blake fell asleep waiting for her nails to dry. 

Blake came up to me crying and told me, "Jac forgot to look in her eyes and hit me!" Jac was dancing. I love the explanation. Look in your eyes Jac!

Bryan decided he wanted a bear coat. Any time I mention being cold he says, "You wouldn't be if you were wearing a bear coat." Today it's evolved to wanting a wolf coat cause he's "done research" and they're better. And somehow in the last 3 hours things have also evolved (devolved?) into him thinking a stuffed wolf would look awesome in the ledge above our front door.

I took my exam to apply for nursing school - I needed a 75% to do the program I want and I got an 85.3%! I was so excited. After taking the test I was brought into a room to discuss my score and I was like, "I have to discuss it? I can't just open it alone in my car and deal with my emotions?" She laughed and then asked questions about how I thought I did. Turns out they only tease the people who did well. When she told me I was overjoyed and hugged her (I'm not really a hug person, just so you get that I was really excited!). With the curve I was in the 95th percentile. Yup, I'm a solid "A" human. Now, if I get everything together (need to track down immunizations), then I start school January 6th.

I golfed for the first time on our simulator. I guess I can call it ours now, since I've officially used it. And, guess what, I'm not bad! I might even be decent. We played right after I took my nursing test and it made me feel like an all around stellar human.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm off to make some french silk pie.

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