2019 chapter 49

Wonderful, wonderful week! But, first, to paint the scene of my house right now; heard the girls banging around in their room and finally went to check on them to find this:

10 minutes ago I could've started this post: "Wonderful, busy week! And I'm finally on top of laundry!" Not anymore. They told me they were working to get those clothes things (hangers) to make this: 

From there I need to jump straight to some more pictures of my weirdos, cause I cannot stop laughing at them. This was on Thanksgiving: 

Thanksgiving was delightful. We got so much snow and it felt so great that we just stayed home and cooked and enjoyed the day. At one point Bryan and I were elbow to elbow as I made the pie and he worked on the rib roast. Lovely. Kids helped me make the pie. Jac was especially attentive. 

His brother and family came over. I made an impromptu tablescape with a drill and Hanukkah candles. Hooray for hoarding craft supplies - but I suddenly feel like I should also hoard goblets - I should not go down that road. 

We went around the table and said what we were thankful for as we lit candles. The kids got stuck on the path of being thankful for the Christmas gifts they'll be getting. It was a fun and potentially a new tradition. (Side note: I messed up the mashed potatoes. They were very runny. Good the next day). 

After dinner kiddos got to blow out the candles, and that was a highlight.

Jac keeps wearing stupid shoes. As we were leaving I said, "I don't want to have this fight all winter, wear your boots!" And, under his breath, Wade said, "Whoa, that sounds like a pretty long fight." 

Jac and I also fight a lot about wearing a coat. She usually gets away with just carrying it to the car, but then we have to fight when we get where we're going. If I get the coat on her, as soon as we're in the store and then we have to fight about it when we go outside again. Then it comes off in the car and I have to coax her into it again. The other day it wasn't too cold (25 degrees, we're Minnesotans) and I let Jac go into the store without her coat and I got the stinkiest stink eye from a man as he looked at her and then at me. Thanks stranger. 

All the snow we got was perfect for building a snowman (do you want to build a snowman? We also saw Frozen 2 and I had heard a lot about it and no one, NO ONE told me I would cry. So here's your warning), so we build a huge snowman. The mid-ball/body was so heavy we had to get creative to get it in place. We built a few ramps and finally got our a 10' long and 1" thick MDF board that we wedged with a bracket - I held the bracket, but lost it under the pressure and we snapped the MDF board in half. Then we build a snow ramp. After several failed attempts we ended up having me laying down so I could push with my feet - I kept slipping (y'know, slick coat on slippery snow), so I made hand holds and the kids all pushed against me and Bryan pushed up top. We almost got it and I started to slip and gave one last push with one foot and then kicked Bryan in the balls and our snowball fell and broke. We ended up taking pieces and making the midsection in place. Then I ran to Target to lights, cause a huge ol' snowman needs lights. It's been warm this week and our guy is looking a little sad, but we've been rebuilding. 

Wade kept the driveway cleared and kept showing us the cool letters he could make. 

The girls keep asking, "Are we still four?"

Blake is very concerned about where our chimney is and how Santa will get into out house. 

I woke up to Blake crying. I went into her room and she was walking towards the door and when I walked in she jumped so high. I snuggled her in bed and tried to find out what was wrong (really, trying to find out if I needed to grab a bucket, always my first priority). She told me she was having stories, scary stories! A monster kept trying to eat her! She said, "I was trying to do everything right, I was giving him food!" I lay next to her and she was just staring at the ceiling. I took her into my bed and then Jac followed, but Blake kept just staring at the ceiling. We finally went back to her room and we said a prayer and she fell right to sleep and slept in. In the the morning she informed me that after she dies she wants new eyes that are blue or brown, cause her green eyes kept seeing nightmares. 

Wade made me a present and wrapped it. He worked all morning on it and was so excited to show me! My first thought was "oh great, he got himself into the wrapping paper." But he was so excited, I kept my first thought to myself. Cause it's just wrapping paper (my favorite) and a mess (and it was a mess!). 

He made me a pillow out of cotton balls and a necklace. 

We ran out of milk and Blake was crying in the front room. She came to the kitchen and I asked her why she was crying, "I just love cereal so much, but we out of milk!"

Blake has been a fan of window sills recently:

Jac joined and kept asking her for tips so she wouldn't fall off. 

I "finished" my banister!! Well, this side. I still have about 60% left to paint, but look at this side! And I put flannel fabric on the walls and hung my garland and I'm just so happy about it! And tonight I decided I need to put lights in the garland. We'll see how much I love it when the needles are dry and falling everywhere. 

And then I needed to take a picture in the dress that Bryan questioned I'd ever use. Take that! I'm using it!

Jac needed to pose too. 

And a picture just further illustrating how silly I am. Being silly brings me such joy. 

Honest moment: the fabric had me in tears and then I dropped my entire bottle of push pins and I cried. So stupid. The kids were getting ready for bed and I heard Wade say "Mommy's sad, I'll get your blankets" and he put them to bed. My sweet little 5 year old. Which hit me with a pang of guilt and all kinds of doubts about how I'm going to juggle school, house, laundry, family. One answer is that I won't be able to hang fabric on my walls, which makes me sad. But sacrificing for what I really want. And reminding myself that my children are going to see their mom go for what she wants. Going to need balance and I foresee more cry sessions, more guilt, and more pep-talks. That fabric brought out all the thoughts. And, I did go sing my kiddos songs and finished their bedtime. I'll be able to do this. Again, just maybe not fabric on my walls. 

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