2020: week ten

This is the craziest week. Ever. I saw a meme saying that this week we'd have a full moon, daylight savings, and Friday the 13th all in the same week so be ready for crazy. No one was ready for this crazy. Also saw this meme: 

Church has been cancelled. NBA, NCAA, NHL have all been cancelled. We've had one case in Dakota County (our county) and nine in Minnesota. Currently our school is still in, but waiting for it to be cancelled. I am so grateful to be a stay at home mom. Grateful to have a big house for my kids to play in. Grateful to have a big yard that has lots of spring clean-up to do. Grateful it's spring so we can play/clean/explore outside. Grateful Bryan has a job where he has sick/vacation days that he can use if necessary. We have food for survival + fun (got stuff to make all kinds of desserts. Kids have already opened all the fun cereal...probably should've hid those). Replenished our craft supplies and hit up the library, hard. We have Hulu, Netflix, Disney+. We are set. Now I feel like when I'm all ready to go on a trip, but still have to wait. We're all ready, but continuing to function as normal humans. It feels weird. Really it all blows over soon. Trying not to freak out over the terrain of the economy. We've got what we need. Including plenty of TP. 

I bought some new fruit snacks and put them in Wade's lunch before he saw them in our house. He got home from school and the first thing he said was, " Mom! Where did you get that fruit snack? It surprised me! At lunch I was like, 'ahhhh'!"

Wade's friend came over all day Saturday. So fun to have kids at and age that a friend over for that long actually makes my life easier. They played outside in the mud making potions (on top of some of my bulbs. With dog poop. Oh well) and collecting sticks. They kept coming in to sneak water out and left muddy tracks everywhere. Felt like a good time to mop. 

Spring apparel has been a particularly interesting smorgasbord of childhood. This picture of Blake is one of my favorites. Sitting on a rock with unicorn capris, bunny sundress, snow boots, digging at moms bulbs. 

Jac is really stuck on Elsa not wearing shoes at one part in Frozen II and is determined to follow suit. She's really annoyed at me that I won't get her Elsa's magic for her birthday. 

Wade in a collared church shirt and snow pants. Feels right. 

Wade got a little cough last week. In the current climate that was worrisome. Any other year I'd be almost excited cause it means spring. I kept checking in on him through out the day and one time I asked, "Are you going down hill" and he answered, "Well, I'm kinda up the hill. I hope tomorrow I'll be more down the hill. I think 5 more hours until I'm at the top of the hill, and then, what do you think...3 hours to get down?" I guess when you're feeling crummy you do feel like you're going up a hill. The next morning I asked him how he was feeling and he said, "Well, my breath stinks, so this areas (circling his mouth) not so great." 

We went to the observatory on Friday night down at Carlton college in Northfield. They have two big telescopes and had several small ones set up. Wade's been super into space (the first thing my kids is really into! Well, beside garbage. First normal thing my kid is into! Got him all kinds of space books at the library and he was beside himself with joy last night). I was worried the kids would be disappointed to look in the telescopes and see stars/planets that just look like brighter stars. But they thought it was so cool! We got to see some nebula dust, Venus, star clusters. I loved it. Wade made a friend with one of the students volunteering because Neptune is her favorite planet too. While waiting in line for the big telescope I heard Blake mumbling and realized she said, "move you stupid man!" under her breath about the man in front of us. I asked her what she said and she said, "Stupid man!" and pointed to him with her thumb. I don't think he heard and I explained the line, but she was so bugged. FYI: we waited in line all of 15 minutes, if that. 

Girls decorated their unicorn nightlight. For obvious reasons.  

Girls got Elsa and Anna hair I found on clearance. Rules have been established: hair clips will not be worn to church or school. Other than that it's fine, and Jac has been taking full advantage. 

Jac told me, "I ate a dog food. Only one. I thought it would turned me into a dog."

 I hosted a Pride and Prejudice viewing of the 1940 version of the story. Had a few friends come over and we shared tea beforehand and everyone brought the best "tea" food. And I pulled out the china I inherited from Bryan's side (his grandfather brought it back from Japan) for the first time ever! It was so delightful. And the next day I started watching the 5+ hour version of P&P cause the love was reawakened.

The kids got up the next morning and got their own tea party ready. It included ever clean piece of tupperware we own + dividing the marshmallows from the rest of the cereal. 

After church I threw a "real" tea party for them, with hot cocoa instead of tea because "tea is yucky." Add a tablecloth and plates under cups for true happiness. 

We got home from church and Wade told me, "I know there's a battle going on on earth. With Satan. He wants everyone to follow him so he's battling for everyone. But I'm not going to follow him. When he tries to battle me, I'm going to punch him in the face."

Wade got all the empty cans out of the recycling (a lot of Dr. Pepper. That was embarrassing) and turned it into bowling. The norm in my house BEFORE quarantine.

We've had a good week. Spring is here (even thought we got 3 inches of snow Tuesday, it melted the next day), my daffodils are sprouting. We're all healthy and prepared. Man it feels good to be prepared. I've been listening to a lot podcasts called Better Than Happy by Jody Moore, I recommend them 100%. I'm trying to think of what else I want to say about that, but can't think of anything specific, but also don't want to delete that sentence, cause it's what I've been up to. She's LDS and speaks with that view. Listening to her podcast has helped my inner voice and thinking. I listen while I paint, cause I'm still painting my banister. Such a stupid choice, but even with how long it's taken, I'd probably do it again. 

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