2020: week eleven and twelve

Where we're at with COVID-19:

Practicing social distancing. No play dates. Everything nonessential is shut down. The one making me sad/affecting me is the library being closed. Mostly we're just enjoying spring break. Being able to go outside is amazing! Missing playing at friends houses.

Bryan is still going into work. Areas are sectioned off (warehouse workers can't come into the office. Downstairs offices can't go upstairs). He's super bored because everything is slowed so much. But grateful he has his job.

Kids have started taking naps again.

I've been working Shipt doing grocery delivery. I come home, wash my hands in the main floor bathroom and change my clothes. Then sanitize the door handles, faucet, light switch, soap pump and soles of my shoes. I think this is overkill. But once I think about how easily germs transfer I can't unthink it and now it's my routine.


Wade drew lines for Bryan to cut for this "bird house." We probably should've made some changes to make it a more functioning bird house, but instead we have this wonderful piece of garbage in our tree. 

I drew these. Wade sat and crafted while I did a drawing tutorial. He kept telling me that if I keep practicing I can be as good as him. 

He made shoes. Of course he did. He even drew soles on the bottom. 

Food makes the best crafts. 


We were talking about ways to show love to people. I asked Jac how she shows her love to Daddy and she said, " By playing with him, like when he wants to play hide and seek." Loved finding out that that's her perspective - that dad wants to. 

Movies. Apparently no pictures of this.


We got a ton of planet books and Wade has been copying words from pages and making books for when we have to return them (which is indefinite) and he told me he wants to "throw a library" in his room. Like, throw a party, but a library.


Building a fort and Blake came to ask me if they could all sleep in it. I said no. Blake went back to share the news and I heard Jac say, "Well, we can just trick them. We'll go to sleep in our beds and then trick them and go sleep in the fort."

Planted seeds.

Today we have 16 sprouts (not counting what's in our wheat grass trays). Wade gives me a daily report. Jac has plucked off some leaves in her excitement. We planted watermelon, pumpkins, peas, zinneas, cosmos (those are sprouting right now!), and garzimo...or something like that. I wrote it down.

Bryan's birthday.

Wade made him a tissue box castle game. Blake made him a picture she worked on for days and hid behind a picture on a shelf. Jac decided on of the gifts I bought him could be from her. 

When acutely aware of germs, you take your candle out of the cake to blow it out.


Blake and Jac had never used a mouse before. The learning curve was rough! Something I didn't think of. They've all been doing a little screen-time learning. Maybe this will be good? 

One haircut. Given by her sister.

Two haircuts. Stella too. 

Joy in everything. Group trash bag opening. 

Learning to peel a hard boiled egg. 

I love walking around and seeing evidence their play (even when it's super messy. I try to keep the main floor clean for sanity, but everywhere else is a happy explosion). 

Picked up all of Wade's school stuff. It was so surreal. I wanted to hug his teacher because I have loved her, but couldn't. His kindergarten year at the school is most likely over. So weird. The kids were excited to explore the stuff coming home. Grateful for kiddos who aren't feeling stress and worry from this situation. My main job that I'm focusing on right now is making sure my kids are enjoying life. It's been pretty easy. 

Wade said to Jacqueline (very annoyed), "Can you please just stop talking?"

Introducing our kids to Harry Potter. They weren't really getting it, so we decided to watch the show up to the point where we had read. We made it 5 minutes in. After days of reading. Haha. We ended up watching the first movie. It was a little scary for the girls, but at lame times. They weren't scared of the actual scary stuff, they were terrified of Snape. I mean, I guess they should be, very intuitive. Wade's been awarding people points. And they kept having to let us know that they knew stuff wasn't real - "the stairs can't really move. That's fake." "That ceiling is so cool, but it's pretend." 

Kids have been washing their hands too good - especially for not leaving the house. They all have dry hands that are cracking and I've been putting a salve on their hands at night. One night I told them to just not wash their hands until morning, if they go potty to just call us to wipe them, or just not wash. Their minds were blown! I mean, they had just all gone potty and were climbing into bed, it wasn't exactly a big ask, but it went again everything, apparently. Blake, especially, had to remind me that we needed to wash our hands so we don't get the "coronid virus." 

Yesterday my friends and I went in our individual cars to friends houses and sang to them out of our sunroofs. It was such a silly and fun adventure. Jac's favorite part was sitting on the roof and getting pop (when I told them we were going on an adventure her first question was if they would get their own pops, so I poured them their own pops for the car). Wade and Blake loved that my friend, Megan, danced with toilet paper. My heart swelled when I saw my friends. We've all been talking more and creating a new community.  

I go through waves of totally enjoying this time, to stressing about the future, to worrying about how other people are handling this (especially children that have crappy parents). But overall doing really well. Reading lots of books to enjoy a story line that isn't this reality. Reading scriptures or listening to a talk when I feel anxieties tightening. Choosing to have faith and not give into fear. Also caught up on every TV show ever, rewatching favorite movies. Puzzles. Games. 

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