2020: week thirteen

Shelter-in-place went into effect Friday at midnight. Our days changed 0%. This week has been awesome. Girls got Anna and Elsa outfits - in the mail!!! Wade got plastic planets. All have been well loved (meaning that one week in and they're all slightly broken, oh well). I wish I had recorded them opening everything. Wade kept saying "you've got to be kidding me!" You'll notice the girls are in their outfits in every picture - all these pictures were not all taken on the same day. 

We've been running a lot. Our walks are really just runs, they think that they're way more fun. We got about 1.5 miles and they run almost the whole time. One time I took them on a run with me and they kept saying how it was kinda just like our walks. Jac is beyond thrilled that her "cape" billows behind her when she runs.

Oatmeal has been the exciting breakfast of choice around here. Here's my secret: sprinkles. 

We've had great weather! Which means I already need to buy more sidewalk chalk.

Wade started distant learning this week. It has been awesome. We have something we need to accomplish each day! Super grateful I have one kid in school and it's kindergarten. His teacher is so amazing and has kept them doing interesting activities. His first day he wrote all their power words with sidewalk chalk and thought it was so cool our neighbors could read it on their walks. I did PE with him yesterday and was sweating so much - he kept reminding me that he wasn't and implying his superiority - says the kid that did every single move wrong. 

On a fitness note - I've worked out everyday this week and went on my first 4 miler of the year. Walking was difficult the next morning. 

Spring/Easter means wheat grass growing time!!

We made cookies!! And delivered them to friends. Not sure if that defeats the point of social distancing. Here, take these cookies, I'll leave them on your doorstep so we don't come in contact...but I also touched each one as I made them... Next I'm making some chocolate cookie dough to deliver and they can cook themselves. Got to spread love!  

Blake sat next to me today while I was reading and next thing I know here head is falling off my shoulder. Naps have returned and are a beautiful thing. Not that I get anything done, I usually just sleep with them. Oddly, they still go to bed at about the same time and better than non-nap days. So weird. Sleep begets sleep. Assuming you notices her make up. When I saw it she immediately said, "It's marker. It was Jac's idea."

This bed head!

Airpopped popcorn and thought we'd be healthy and not put anything on it. Jac took one bite and said, "Can you put something on it to make it...good?"

Wade made a "cook-topia" planet. After this picture fruit snacks and honey "glue" were added. They did eat it. They've been watching a show called Creative Galaxy and they go to different art planets - without seeing the episode, I can usually guess what it was about based on what Wade creates afterwards.

Girls played with fridge magnets one afternoon for and good half hour. We're apparently at that point of quarantine?! Really though, we often go the whole day without TV. My kids are living a great life. I love hearing the ongoing Frozen game going on in my house and Wade keeps saying that playing with his sisters is his favorite. 

Here's to slowing down and playing with magnets! Hope you've had a lovely week too.

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