One quiet walk and one walk where 3 little girls hollered after me

 Saturday Blake and I were riding the ski lift together and she told me that she has so many ideas of what to do during the summer, I asked what some of them were. Her first was to go on a quiet walk and listen for what we could hear. I told her we could do that in the winter too - we might not hear a whole lot, but I actually wasn't sure because I don't really know what animals are out and active right now! So Sunday we went on a family quiet walk. We were not very quiet. But we did take moments to be quiet, and we mostly heard the crunching of our boots in the snow and swishing of our pants. We did hear and then see a bunny. And we saw a squirrel.  We walked across come logs, hunched through some bushes that would be unpassable in full foliage during the summer, and ran through a snowy field (I say ran, we took steps and sunk to out knees, so more 'we got a really good workout crossing a snowy field'). Stella would try to follow in our footsteps and then would fall into the deeps steps and disappear for a second. It was the best time. We were out less than an hour and everyone is still talking about it and how much fun it was. 

And that's kind of all I've got for the week. I need to get into the habit of writing, but I also need to get in the habit of remembering and writing things down. I did tell Wade after school one day that every time I needed to fart I went and did it on his bed. I also yelled that I was going to spit on him when I was on the lift and he was snowboarding under me. I don't know where I come up with this stuff. I just cannot pass up an opportunity to catch him off guard with something so absurd and then get a good laugh out of him - I really know how to get the laughs from 7 and 9 year olds. 

Oh my gosh, I remembered the story of the week. Just had to talk about farts. We were snowboarding and had Brooklyn with us - Trav hurt his foot, so we just grabbed her and brought her along. The girls were begging for her to sleep over and they got a soft maybe from me, which meant in their minds that it was absolutely, for sure happening. At one point I was on the lift with Brooklyn and she was telling me her stomach hurt, so Bryan and I decided we wouldn't do a sleepover. The girls ended a few runs before us and headed to the bathroom in the chalet. I went to grab them to go and found them getting  getting their gear back on after going to the bathroom and Jac informed me that Brooklyn had taken a nasty poop. I informed them that since Brooklyn wasn't feeling great we wouldn't do a sleepover. Mayhem of crushed dreams! They told me she just needed to poop! I told them to just get their gear so we could go. They were not dropping the topic! So then I have three little girls trailing behind me as we walk across Buck Hill and through the parking lot hollering variations of "Mom! She's fine! She just had to poop!" "Ms Melissa! I'm fine, I just needed to go potty!" "MOOOOOMMM! SHE JUST HAD A BIG POOOP!" I couldn't even respond to tell them to shut up cause I was laughing too hard, could hardly breath and keep walking. When we got to the car I got to have a serious talk with Brooklyn about what her poop looked like to determine if it was "nasty" or just big. Then I got to walk down the parking lot to Bryan (we took two cars) to discuss the developments in the tummy ache/state of the poop to determine if we were okay with a sleepover. Just a really great parenting moment. Oh man, I'm so glad I remembered that. FYI: they did get a sleepover, there were no tummy issues, cause it was, in fact, just a big poop. 

I had one of my standardized tests this week. We're never really prepared. The teachers and admin just tell us to do the practices - that's not enough, but there's not other direction. I don't need to go down my rabbit hole of annoyance, but I passed. I feel no sense of accomplishment or pride, just relief that this stupid and really hard hoop I need to jump through is over. I'm loving my hospital clinical this term. I did my last on campus simulation lab clinical this week (WOOHOO!). 20 weeks. Who's counting (me, I'm counting. It's 140 more days, and that includes the 2 week break, so really I only have 18 weeks of school left!! I WILL MAKE IT!)

I found a free vanity on the side of the road. Put it in my room, the girls saw it and are begging for it to go in their room - they've been coming up with talking points for their argument of why it should go to them, they might sway me. 

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